The script is finished: yesterday I had a brief meeting with the project heads and they really liked the first draft. The words "hilarious" and "inventive" were tossed around. Normally I feel queasy when I boast about getting such praise, but my self-esteem took a righteous beating recently and I needed the boost. Don't worry, my excessive bragging will stop now.

I'll be finishing the second and final draft this week. Then I can move onto other projects I have lined up. Here's the work currently simmering on the burner:
  • A script for a graphic novel. About a quarter done.
  • A stage play. The first draft is finished and now I need to put it through a cold reading and some tightening up in a few parts.
  • Two short stories. One finished, the other half -finished.
  • I've had to put the radio plays out to pasture. That's just how it goes sometimes.
  • A friend of mine got this crazy notion to do some animation. Since geography and time is against us at the moment, I really don't know when this will get rolling.
  • One article I have swimming in my head.
So, what are you folks up to? I'm tired of talking about myself.


Iva said...

we're just waiting ro both of you to get back. that's all. :D oh and stopping over quickly in less than a week - hoooooorrrrrrrrrraaaaay. :D

Jay said...

That would be cool! Lisa will be in Vancouver while you're here.