Apparently, I am not leaving for Slovenia in less than months, but rather in little over three months. Plenty of time to see individuals returning from faraway and exotic lands.

Get out of my mouth.

I'm not really a mouthwash person.

Last week I went to the dentist. The last time I sat in The Chair was roughly ten years ago. There is nothing pleasant about going to the dentist. Sure, their services are in desperate need, but so are morticians.

My visit started off with delightful news: I found out I need oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth. The dentist won't touch one of the little bastards who has decided to grow away from the rest of my teeth, so that its roots overlap with those who have been living comfortably in my mouth for over twenty years. The newbies always ruin everything.

Anyway, I was subjected to a painful cleaning (my gums are sensitive at the moment) which involved being suspended upside down while the hygienist blasts the yellow veneer from my teeth with hot water. I remember accidentally stabbing my gums with a toothpick - getting a "cleaning" is a close approximation. I was told that I needed another cleaning this week. Wonderful.

Now I have to use mouthwash. I hate mouthwash. That shit burns.

I am bitchy today.


Saddle up, everyone. Tonight, we're taking our town back.

I'm only an hour or so away from catching a bus to the ferry that will whisk me away to Victoria. Although the trip over as a deep significance for me, traveling to The Rock always wears me out. The ferry food is awful and over-priced, and for some reason the most hideous, obnoxious members of our species have the audacity to double my torment by dragging their screaming offspring onboard. The horror.

The view is nice, though. I've almost always managed to get some writing done on the boat.

Quick school report: my two theory courses are incredible. Contemporary theory is plain enough to follow because the prof slips in pop culture references, but the classical theory class, however much I'm enjoying it, can be challenging to follow. The prof insists on teaching in a untraditional, nonlinear way, which can make a humble undergrad's head deflate very quickly. I'm not complaining, however. She really knows her stuff and encourages debate and dialogue, and I love how she relates classical theory to post-colonial critical discourse.

Twentieth century lit is fairly straightforward (we read Freud then apply his theories to literature - yes, it's not exactly rigorous) and my nineteenth century lit class is only furthering cementing my love for American literature, and I'm now really motivated to pursue my doctoral in an American university.

Did I mention I'm back to tutoring? I love it. I've only worked with a couple of students but my blood warms at the very thought of conducting essay workshops and discussing rhetorical styles with students.

I'll be in Slovenia in less than three months! Next week I will be sending my passport application to the appropriate authorities, including a student visa, and making other arrangements for our arrival. Lisa and I are terrified and excited at the same time. We still have to figure out what to do with our lovely cat. And all our stuff. And whether or not we'll be taking the Trans-Siberian Railway to China. And making quick trips back to Paris. . .

Expect another Dr. McGillicuddy story. Heh.


Where to find me.

Where have y'all been hanging out on the intrawubbs? You'll find me loitering here:

Urban Dead

I play a zombie. I'm currently in Stanbury Village with a horde of nearly a hundred zombies outside Nichols Mall. We patiently wait to slaughter helpless human survivors.


For all my obscure news.

The Beat

For all my comic news. Both popular and underground comics get the same treatment, which makes for a refreshingly balanced read. Most websites and magazines either focus only on indies and slam popular titles or vice-versa.

The Show With Ze Frank

Genuinely funny and entertaining, Ze has capitalized on the internet's social potential to make a series of rather personal videos on politics, culture and random dirty jokes. Also, he films parts of New York and I love New York.


I'm only there to watch episodes of Justice League and Robot Chicken. I am a nerd. Stop snickering.

There are more but I'm too lazy at the moment to type them all out. I've been checking out artist's blogs, but I need to return to literary-minded sites. Suggestions?


Bring it to the UEFA!


Well, you know, not much going on at the moment.

School is fun, although I have to do some serious catching up over the weekend. I return to work on Monday, reprising my role as English tutor for desperate undergrads.

I have lame music in my iTunes folder.

I have a cold.

The cat is in desperate need of a brushing. He hates being brushed, hence the dilemma.

Oh, and I'm writing. Heh. Anyone ever forget projects?



The first day of school! I was so accustomed to a relatively empty campus all summer, I almost fell over backwards when I tried to fight the hordes of students to reach the bookstore or my classroom or the bathroom.

My classes this term: English 408: History of Criticism and Theory; English 409: Modern Critical Theories; English 464: Twentieth Century Studies; English 364: Nineteenth Century Studies and French 101.

I really want autumn to arrive and shove summer into the gutter. Enough is enough.


I don't remember ordering this headache.

Last day of work. I'm fairly pleased with the progress I made in the last week, compiling everything I've written and making sure the punctuation marks are right where I left them. Unfortunately, the server is still down, so none of my work can be uploaded until the bugs are swept out. The newsletter is delayed, too. At least 95% of the copy is finished and ready for layout. I might accept another contract to finish this project, but with all that's going on with me I can't really make a decision right now.

Tonight I'm heading out to Victoria to visit my dad and the rest of the family. I'm leaving all computer-related technology at my house - all writing will be done old school.