Workblog and other updates.

The second draft of the script has been finished for awhile. I need to add another puzzle or two and crank up the challenge factor and then voilĂ , I'll be finished. Deadline is Monday.

I almost have all my books for my three distance courses and I pick up the rest tomorrow. The finances are in order, and Lisa was kind enough to do my taxes. I have a doctor and dentist's appointment next week. By Tuesday everything will be completed and I'm surprised by how quickly and efficiently all these predeparture chores were taken care of. I must be a grown-up.

By the way, I saw Hot Fuzz last week and I was very impressed: violent and fast-paced and crammed with references. I recommend it to anyone with a sweet tooth for cop films with improbable premises and over-the-top mayhem. I suppose liking this film negates the "I must be a grown-up" statement. Meh.

Need more coffee.