New look.

Black and green. Let's see how this works out, yes?


The script is finished: yesterday I had a brief meeting with the project heads and they really liked the first draft. The words "hilarious" and "inventive" were tossed around. Normally I feel queasy when I boast about getting such praise, but my self-esteem took a righteous beating recently and I needed the boost. Don't worry, my excessive bragging will stop now.

I'll be finishing the second and final draft this week. Then I can move onto other projects I have lined up. Here's the work currently simmering on the burner:
  • A script for a graphic novel. About a quarter done.
  • A stage play. The first draft is finished and now I need to put it through a cold reading and some tightening up in a few parts.
  • Two short stories. One finished, the other half -finished.
  • I've had to put the radio plays out to pasture. That's just how it goes sometimes.
  • A friend of mine got this crazy notion to do some animation. Since geography and time is against us at the moment, I really don't know when this will get rolling.
  • One article I have swimming in my head.
So, what are you folks up to? I'm tired of talking about myself.


Summer school report.

According to Student Financial Services, my standing deferral crisis will be "taken care of," whatever that means. I sent all the appropriate paperwork before the deadline, now I have to sit on my hands and wait for all this to play itself out.

In other news, I completely flunked my French class. I should have known I couldn't absorb five chapters of a French textbook in three weeks. Oh, well. Luckily, grades from summer courses don't count towards the overall GPA, graduate school admissions only look at so many grades and I'm not exactly planning to enter the French graduate program. C'est la vie. I will just have to take the class again, that's all. A minor setback.

I should point out that I'm a little obsessed with my GPA. I wholeheartedly admit it. If I wasn't planning to attend grad school I would just shrug my shoulders and be content with a long string of C's on my transcript. So, yes, I'm counting the numbers this time. In high school I didn't give two shits about my grades. "The wheel is come full circled," quoting Edmund's dying words from King Lear.


Call off the reinforcements.

After running some last-minute errands, my conflict with my school is almost resolved. All my profs have gotten in touch with Financial Services, and my account won't be evaluated until next week. The work I owe from the previous semester is finished, too. I can take a breath now.

Which means I get to enjoy my Shakespeare class at my leisure. Did I mention I'm I have a writing job contract? I'm writing a script for a game that the library will use to teach students how not to plagiarize. Not so terribly exciting but I was given free reign over the format and content.

Tomorrow: attending Robin and Grace's wedding and spending some time with my family.