A kitchen party.

All my papers are done! I handed in my sociology and history paper in Thursday, and all I have left is a presentation (a critique of Triumph of the Will, pretty sensitive subject) and a film diary for anthropology on Saturday. I went out last night to the Arch and drank far too much and watched people dance. I felt really old. Not that I'm extra-super-old, but I really don't feel like being submersed in gyrating torsos and loud music anymore. I want a pub, with low wooden tables and a smokey ceiling. A fiddle and a guitar missing a string. A kitchen party.

Now I have to go out and buy cat food. Yep, that's an old person activity.


Livin' inna Material Werld


I have finished the English paper and now I'm finishing up the sociology paper tonight, giving me four days to complete my eight page history paper. I am dreaming about Christmas holidays already, despite my annoyance with the super-early Christmas ads everywhere. I plan to write, read, and play video games. And throw snowballs, weather permitting. My holiday wishlist:

Bizarro Comics: Hardcover

Flight: Book One

From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

Torso by Brian Michael Bendis

Espresso machine

New day pack: MEC Cragosaurus DayPack

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Comic book box

Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Neal Stephensen's second and third installment of the Baroque Cycle

Any books by Louis-Ferdinad Celine

Introduction to Wine

See ya.



Saw Ghost in the Shell: Innocence. Meh.

Catch up, no ketchup.

I am so sorry. Things have been hectic since I got the new job. I just talked to my parents (I'm typing as I'm talking, again I'm sorry) and I realized that I haven't seen this old site in awhile. I'm in the midst of writing a paper so I will keep this in point form and remember to stay in touch.

1. I have been reading like fiend. School stuff aside, I've been reading some Robert Creeley and C.R.R. Martin. I'm looking forward to reading Stephenson's second book, which is already out. So is the third. I am behind.

2. School is going well. I'm a little behind on my history reading but otherwise I'm up to date. I'm in the middle of crunch time so it really sucks to be around me right now. For English, a comparison of Emily Dickinson and Edna St. Vincent Millay, for history a paper on the anarchist contribution in the Spanish Civil War and an analysis of two articles for social theory class.

3. I like work. I wish I didn't have to come in this week but, well, there's that whole responsibility thing. Stupid conscience.

4. On the domestic front, everything is running smoothly. It gets a little cold in the house and the heating is not altogether fabulous but we manage to survive. I haven't had a chance to do some serious cooking, but I plan to get back into cuisine from Provence and maybe experiment with sushi. I am wicked at making sushi.

5. Oh, comics. Um, let's see. . .I'm still addicted to Bendis's Daredevil and I want to pick up Torso. I picked up Warren Ellis's new book Ocean and I'm still waiting for Wanted, Ex Machina and We3 to finish up so we can all go home. I'm looking forward to Shaolin Cowboy, Daisy Cutter, and the Flight book that came out recently. I asked for Bizarro Comics for X-Mas.

And, Happy Birthday Dad!