Okay, maybe if I blog a to-do list I won't feel so terribly worried. I have a busy summer:

1. Write three papers I owe a semester ago. Two will be done this weekend and the other . . . well . . . with my intensive French class taking all my headspace (which, by the way, I'm not doing so well in) for the next week (it's five days a week for two and a half hours and I have to study for the class every night) so I'm freaking out because . . .

2. . . . I just got this lovely letter from the government stating that I need to have my grades in from the classes I deferred by August 3rd or else I will have to owe them a catastrophic amount of money and possibly threaten future funding.

3. That means I need to contact five profs, tell them to get my grades in by the 3rd (and hoping that they haven't disappeared for the summer) and write three papers (they're not so bad, really - rather short and one of them is almost finished) in time for them to receive said papers, grade them and give me a final mark. I have just over a week to do this.

4. I need a plane ticket back to Ljubljana.

5. I need to extend the storage company looking after our stuff.

I know, this was poorly written and rant-y but I REALLY NEED TO SCREAM TEXTUALLY.

Thank you.