Dodgy zombies.

Just had an argument over the validity of the supposed "zombie dogs." The research center where the experiment took place is real, as is the type of research they do, namely resuscitation and cryogenics. Whether or not the actual procedure described in the story is factual is left to be seen.

Even if I was reactionary, I only have to remind my opponent she fell for the "zombie plague in Cambodia" hoax on the BBC awhile back.


Bringing out the Dead

Bringing out the Dead
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Saw Land of the Dead Monday night. Entertaining, to say the least, but definetly lacks the same verisimilitude that his previous entries enjoyed. C was right: a decent post-apocalyptic film, which hasn't been made in awhile.

In light of the dead, some distrubing transmissions from Warren Ellis:

US scientists have succeeded in reviving the dogs after three hours of clinical death, paving the way for trials on humans within years.

Pittsburgh’s Safar Centre for Resuscitation Research has developed a technique in which subject’s veins are drained of blood and filled with an ice-cold salt solution.

The animals are considered scientifically dead, as they stop breathing and have no heartbeat or brain activity. But three hours later, their blood is replaced and the zombie dogs are brought back to life with an electric shock.

Plans to test the technique on humans should be realised within a year…

I'm already in the process of collecting ammunition, canned food, armour, and a fortified vehicle. See you on the other side.


After I finish my article, I will finally start adventuring on World of Warcraft. I got home very late, and very tired on Tuesday night. No way was I going to miss out on some sweet, sweet sleep when I have a six-hour shift the next day. I don't think I will have the energy to write two articles, but I will strum up the courage and absurdity to give it a shot.



I am stoked! C, a very sweet and knowledgable human being, gave me his ten-day guest pass for World of Warcraft! Tonight I'm going to start a new account and maybe gain a few levels before I pass out from exhaustion. So looking forward to questing with friends, I am. If anyone wants to find me, I'll be online for the next week and three days on the Frostmore server.


More boats and pirates and. . .

My weekend was eventful, but goddamn I'm tired!

I returned to the Island to celebrate a belated Father's Day. After taking the ferry Friday afternoon and missing my bus (I had to find change and, of course, it was a huge hassle trying to do that at the ferry terminal) I finally got to my folk's place. J made tabouli and hummus for dinner, and mom put some pasta together as well. I ate until my legs were numb. J's dishes were excellent, and I was really impressed with the consistency of the hummus and the citrus tang of the tabouli.

The Tall ships Festival was in Victoria for the weekend, and I figured my dad would dig that scene. We both have an affinity for tall ships. There is a romantic quality to them, with their wide, white sails unfurled as they glide across the ocean. Also, there is strong camaraderie among the sailors, and I appreciate collaborative work rather than individualized, isolated kind. Unfortunately, the boarding tickets were sold out, so we couldn't step onto the vessels. We wandered the grounds looking at crafts, eating mini-donuts and corn-on-the-cob, listened to music from Venezuela and my mom, bless her heart, bought me a photo of one the ships sailing into the harbour; the very same ship featured in Pirates of the Caribbean.

We took the harbour ferry around the docks so we can have a closer look at the ships. We went under the Johnston Street Bridge (the blue horses) we approached the Ellis House dock, where a family was waiting for a ferry. The skipper informed them that another ferry would have to pick them up, since his was full. As he pulled away, the ferry began to violently shake, then in one loud convulsion the ferry suddenly died. We were beginning to float ashore, and the skipper had one of the passing ferries come about and tow us back to the dock. We had to wait for another ferry to pick us up. I figured, a daring sea rescue complimented the day's theme.

After eating at the Blackfish Cafe, my mom chatted with a woman in the bathroom who told her the large ships were free to board. Awesome! We climbed aboard the Mexican ship, and it was incredible: I stood at the bow and pictured myself in the middle of the Pacific, narrowing my eyes against the wind and wiping salt off my lips. We finished the day by watching Master and Commander, cheering on as The Surprise chased after the French. I came home yesterday afternoon, badly sunburned and exhausted, but it was worth it.

Tonight: Land of the Dead and homework.


Sometimes, Hollywood spurs another kind of rebellion

In case I forget: Ian Edginton and D'Israeli are at it again, adapting H.G Wells' War of the Worlds in webcomic format. Far as I know, there will be no print version right away, or at all. It's just lovely to look at. There will be a sequel to Scarlet Traces coming out soon-ish.

The Fall of Captain Hook

This blog has a new URL!


Today I arrived at school at 8 AM so I could rehearse the play with my group. I wrote (most) of the script, and the others made sets, costumes and even a program. I should mention that this play was for my English class (medieval literature) and we did a modern interpretation of The Creation and the Fall, which was an Anglo-Saxon mystery play performed by the community rather than professional actors. We used the Peter Pan story to depict the rebellion in heaven and the fall of Lucifer. Naturally, I played the devil, represented by Captain Hook.

The performance went better than I thought. Some of the jokes got laughs from the entire audience, rather than the few who laugh to rescue the actor from embarrassment (I should have used the old theater trick where my friends would sit in the back and laugh uproariously, so it becomes contagious and everyone laughs) at the right times, although some didn't work. Most of the time, humour isn't effective if the delivery is shaky. The scene changes were a little stilted, mostly because I screwed up, and I flubbed my lines in the first act. No one really noticed in the audience, though. Musical selection was appointed to me, and I think it worked out well. I used Tom Waits, Nick Cave and some soundtrack stuff. The biggest surprise was finding out that the department head was there, and the fact turned my knees to a gelatinous substance similar to the skin that forms over cooling soup. Peter Pan was great, as were the Lost Boys and pirates. The whole project was really fun and I get another script to add to my portfolio.


Lately, my obsessions are as follows: French cooking (on the weekends), short stories, writing the perfect short story, looking for poetry I haven't read yet, coffee, iced coffee beverages, comics, writing about comics, tabletop games, the fact that Star Wars: Battlegrounds will be available for Mac in July, choosing what English courses to take at UBC, choosing what sociology courses to take at UBC, my play, eating and drinking with friends, reconnecting with friends, widgets, and bothering people about what I obsess over.

I have to work this afternoon, followed by more homework. I kind of took Sunday off to spend time with L's folks and to recover from the night before: I went for drinks with my co-workers. I had a great time, and I forgot how much I like the Met and the all the bars in the neighbourhood. When I took a shower yesterday morning my elbow ached whenever it came into contact with water. I had to twist my arm to get a better look. Lo and behold, there was a chunk missing from my elbow! How the hell did that happen? Was someone nibbling on me? Did I get into a fight? I only had a few drinks and I was perfectly conscious the whole time. It still aches a little; L was kind enough to put a band-aid over the abrasion this morning. Thanks for listening.


Several men sit down at a round table, the eldest coughs and says:

I will keep this brief: I am attempting to cover my ass as I (a) try to get the final draft of my group project sent to the other members and (b) arrange a new time to take my mid-term, which I will be missing on Tuesday on account of J's high school graduation. No, not mine. We need to get over there Monday night so we are all ready for the ceremony. "There" being the lovely Isle of Vancouver.

Life is good. I spend my weekends cooking, eating what I cook, writing and visiting. In case teachers read this - yes, I do the homework too. It pays having a three day weekend.

I find stress has become the high octane fuel churning inside my little engine. The sounds and sights around me fade away and I center all my attention at the task at hand, imagining all the horrible things that would occur if I fail. Luckily, I have a gruesome imagination.


Do not put the exclamation mark beside a question mark, they do not get along.

Apparently, I am no longer popular. See what happens when you even mention your minor, fleeting successes? See!?



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Let the bikes come out in droves, drowning the streets with sweat and creaky chains.

Let people have the streets and parks and stores.

Summer digs her warm hands into the soil and tosses the dirt and seeds into the yellow air.


Shameless plug + why I shiver when I walk

It's been a slow week here at The Stars Have Eyes laboratories, now that school has gained momentum again. I have another weekend of finishing projects (two this time) plus I really have to call K, who I haven't seen since Easter.

Last night I pretty much drank for five hours, prior to seeing my friend D's band play at the Candy Bar last night. I'm not bragging about the drinking, don't get me wrong, only it's pretty sad when I edge towards a binge and not even see it coming. It was cool to see friends from Victoria, and I bumped into R too. We made plans. I have a bottle of lemon and ginger ale I picked up last night, then after that I'm on detox mode. Activate!

However, I spent my afternoon cooking: the beginnings of a chili is in the slow cooker, and I made fried rice with coconut milk and green curry, and now I'm gonna have me some cheese, apple slices and coffee. Tonight I want to make homemade mayonnaise with cilantro, and enjoy the chili with the lemon and ginger ale. I will have to get someone to fetch me some chocolate and chili peppers for the chili.

The Other Press is behind on this month's issue. Dang. When I checked out the site the other day I noticed that my article was listed in a column off the side labeled "Popular." The one titled "Les Bandes Dessinées Sont Bonne Nourriture." Yeah, that one. Does this mean my article is popular, or what? I will send a team of angry apes to investigate. I think it might be out today (I just checked: no) or next week. Next month I'm writing an essay on live music (With D's show acting as a catalyst/preamble to the article) and manga.

If I were a pirate, would I say "arrrrrrrrticle?" That, dear friends, is stupid.