Lots of parentheses and repetition for effect.

Like some, I've been overwhelmed by the devastation in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia (and others) and there are times when we are paralyzed by the enormity and the loss. To get an idea of the destruction left by this tsunami, this series of images will set you straight. If you can muster together enough cash, I'm sure you can make a donation to the Red Cross - they purchase local goods to provide aid to communities, which in turn keeps local economies stable by not saturating the market with foreign goods.

On a lighter note, L and I will be heading out tomorrow morning to catch the 9:00 AM sailing, and hopefully R and G will hook up with us since they are presumably taking the same ferry. We left my grandma's card and gift at my parent's house (ouch) but my dad might drop it off before we book it. We had a great time at my folk's place, well, we had a long lunch before (we were going to have breakfast but we bumped into K(!) last night while wandering downtown and I drank far, far too much at Big Bad Johns and a club he DJ's at. Lotsa fun we had, catching up and gossiping and everything!) and we dropped by for dinner (more like a feast) and played this fun family game called Break the Safe; a cooperative game where four players have to open a safe in thirty minutes. I will not go into the filthy details. My mom packed us a bunch of baked goods for the trip home. Thanks mom!

When we get back I plan to get the house in order, buy books, comics, clothes and a game (wheee!) and spend some time with my cat. I have no idea, really no idea, how to get my New Year's on. Why is there is this strange pressure to "do" something? I try to shake it off but I feel left out when I sit at home and read whatever books/surf the net/write something lame as people make drunken messes of themselves. I want to be a drunken mess.


I'm off to solve a mystery.

So, L and I arrived this afternoon, and I'm writing this from a hotel in Victoria my parents were nice enough to book for us. We feel extremely spoiled. My dad works here so he was able to swing a deal. The interior has been preserved in its original decor, like the main foyer and staircases. When I stepped into the hotel I felt as though it was 1911, and I was here to solve a series a gruesome murders, plus the disappearance of a rare artifact. Yeah, I know, I have a rich inner life. Apparently, Emily Carr died here, in fact on our floor, and her ghost can been seen crossing the hallway. The hotel was originally built to accomadate workers building the Empress Hotel and other projects, and the pub has been a gay bar, a biker hangout and a myriad of other identities.

I'm trying to hook up with friends but so far, no success. I think I took down a wrong number for C's cell phone, and another friend isn't home. So we're taking it easy in our hotel room. Here is a list what I got for X-mas, read'em and weep:

A chef's knife
S-cable adapator for the laptop
Chocolate, a ton of chocolate
A book on tofu and miso
$75 from my parents, plus some from my grandma (thanks granny!)
$25 gift card to Chapters/Indigo
A book on the illustrator who painted covers for Star Wars novels and other stuff
Fencing lessons! I start in January!
A desk!
A miniture house for a Christmas village
There is some other stuff but I can't remeber everything!

I think I'll pick up the Louis Riel graphic novel from Chester Brown, and Project Nomads (a neat-o game) and possibly a new jacket or jeans. Consume!


@))$: The Year of the Brain

As the year 2004 is smothered under a blanket of snow, then crushed like an overripe grape, I will give myself a few moments to reflect on the past year and my accomplishments.

Done. Let's move on.

I was rather fond of Warren Ellis' summary of this forgettable year, like most most years I've had in my short twenty-eight years. Well, it would be untrue if my current "reeducation" wasn't notable in the last three hundred and sixty-five days. I am relieved, and thankful, to return to the glorious halls of academia and drink the sweet, sweet nectar that oozes from. . .it's ooze-hole. I dunno. But it I do feel like a completed human, rather than trying to operate with missing parts, and I can complete projects with a degree of confidence reserved for generals and guys who work-out regularly (this is why I hate summer).

The political atmosphere for the next four years is going to be interesting. American politics has a way of affecting Canada, as our politicians attempt to appease the suited gorilla or resist whatever senseless (senseless to the public good, but it is a brilliant strategem for the wealthy and powerful) policies cooked up in the White House. Ottawa is not too keen on the whole Middle East occupation, plus Paul Martin has slung some dirt at the Americans on a few occasions - the support for gay marriage in Canada is totally hilarious, since many states despise the idea. I can't help but think this is Ottawa's way of giving the finger behind Goliath's back. Don't get me wrong, Martin is far from perfect. I am pleased that he picked up on the whole "U.S.A. is not O.K." vibe in Canada (in some parts, if not most) but the man needs to get off his ass and shake it a little. I will complain on this later.

But, 2004 will be remembered for the changes - my new school, my new house and my new computer, which I am typing on this very minute. I love you, lappy. I have gotten closer to my family, and L and I spent another year building our relationship, unless she is watching Christmas-themed sitcoms on cable. *shiver* I will vow to toss our television into the deepest ocean and watch it sink deeper and deeper into the cold abyss. Televisions should only be used for movies (film for you arty people) and the occasional video game.

And a brief note on Christmas traditions: as I live longer, I crave to forge my own holiday traditions. Meaning, I will indulge in rich foods, potent booze, and Silent Night, Deadly Night. Comics, books, laptop and games - together at last. Cheers!


Bow before my list!


I'm off to get some Christmas shopping done, so I'm bringing a cricket bat and a tazer to navigate through the downtown crowds. Or maybe I'll bring my cat and throw him at people's faces. Either way, I'm getting the goods and there isn't anything the public can do to stop me. I think I need to grab a bite, 'cause the low blood sugar is making me violent.

Last day of school was on Tuesday, although I finished classes last week I had four exams to write. English and anthropology went well, but my archaeology was a challenge - there was one question I didn't even have an answer for. I plowed through my history exam but the short essay question had me searching the ceiling for an answer. Luckily, I dug up some good lines.

OK, I'm off to get this shopping thing done. Wish me luck and I will return with anecdotes, boring or otherwise. Read my Christmas list! Bow before it!


More X-Mas Greed.

Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg


An Archive of Feelings by Ann Cvetkovich - These books were suggetions on the Le Tigre homepage, and I'm always up for new books. I totally missed them when they were here. Groan.

The Spanish Civil War - I liked writing my paper on this subject, so a reference of my own would be nice. I plan to write more on anarchist history and maybe even something on Canadian women who volunteered in Spain.

Chef's knife - 'Cause I gotta.

Hellboy DVD - I like the comic, so sue me.

Gangs of New York DVD - I like history, and yeah, this film tends to lean towards historicism. However, it's nice to see another vision of the past, one that is dirty, snarling, backstabbing, poor and political. Screw you, Road to Avonlea. I don't care if some uppity bourgeois pre-teen from the turn of the century soiled her bonnet, and needs to get a new one before the Huge Society Ball. I really couldn't care about the whining middle-class, or the boring super-rich that supposedly "shaped" nations. Gangs of New York argues that cities are built from the street up.

Fencing classes - En guarde!


Snow buries the campus

Hi. I just finished my last social theory class/final quiz awhile ago. I think I did alright, but two of the questions really stumped me. I also got my final paper back as well and lo and behold an A+ baby! I just spent the last two hours in the library studying for my archaeology final and I'm gonna make my way over for the staff dinner at six. I dig this job, and I'm looking forward to starting again in the winter semester. There's an offer to work inbetween the semesters but I need the time to take it easy and enjoy some reading, writing and goofing off. Yes, I've mentioned this before. I will be on the Island for the 15th, then off to the Valley for Christmas then back to the Island again for the 27th -28th. I'm thinking of hooking up with friends on the Rock to ingest malted beverages and set fires. . .I mean, go to church meetings. Fiery church meetings. We are a passionate bunch.

Okay, I going to clean up and head outta this campus, laters skaters.

PS: We got some light flurries this morning. Little flakes landed on my shoulders as I walked to school. Luckily, they were not dandruff.



Oh yeah, I want a digital camera for Christmas. A DIGITAL CAMERA!

comics and tea

I sense a trend. I work my ass off all week, go to a Saturday morning class then goof off on Sunday and update my blog. Fun.

Today is kind of an exception. I have a final quiz for social theory tomorrow so I have to review and catch up on material. But since C has just showed up for tea, I should finish this up while he reads Y: The Last Man #29. In summary, all is good. I need to got to the gym and lose some weight for the holidays, and I have to finish four exams and shop for Christmas presents. More later.